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Viviana's Journey

Viviana is a qualified Chef based in Torquay, driven by a love of food, yoga, surfing, nutrition and adventure.

Growing up in Ecuador, South America Viv’s passion for a diet that supports wellbeing has been hugely inspired by her grandparents, who both lived to 100 on fresh, seasonal, whole foods harvested straight from Mother Earth and lovingly prepared for the table.

Viv's international fine dining experience spans Italian, French, South American, Southeast Asian, and Japanese cuisine. She's worked in some of the best, award-winning restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne for over 12 years after finishing Cuisine and also Patisserie Studies at Le Cordon Bleu. 

Combined with her knowledge of nutrition, food energetics, and dietary systems Viv’s heartfelt approach creates tantalising menus that fuel the body, nurture the spirit, and can be tailored to suit diverse nutritional needs and preferences.

Having participated in many yoga and health-related retreats herself Viv has first-hand experience of just how important it is to support and delight participants through an outstanding food experience.




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