Viv's creations leave you inspired and extremely satisfied. Viv is more then a chef, she is as sharer of love, she is a big support and a genuine soul. I ran my first full weekend retreat and Viv was so very supportive during the lead up of this event. When you work with Viv, you get to experience her love on a plate, you get to feel the passion she has for creating nourishing foods in your body, she shares her knowledge with your group and provides a truly unforgettable experience. My tastes buds, my soul, my entire body misses her food so much and I have been inspired to cook differently ever since our retreat together. Viv leaves an ever lasting mark. Communicating with Viv during the lead up to retreat was so very easy, and she always had the guests best interests at heart, her consideration and care for each individual person is exceptional. Enjoy Viv's nutritious and wholesome food, along with her compassionate and caring spirit. Looking forward to retreating with you again Viv.

Sarah Ebanks 


I have been teaching yoga retreats in Australia and around the the world for 10 years and I believe the food we eat is deep medicine and a very important part of the retreat experience. We were blessed to have Viv cater our retreat in Barwon Heads. From the very start Viv’s passion and deep knowledge of food was evident. 

Viv has the wonderful ability to provide nourishing, healthy and comforting food that presents like it’s from a 5 star restaurant. I can’t recommend her highly enough, she is an absolute delight and pleasure to work with.


Lisa Moor Yoga


Viv, you have ignited cooking such great nutrition in my body . I tried to make the chickpea and baked beans but they were not as good as yours still yummy though .

I would love the recipes from our weekend. I loved it all

Thank you so much!

Janine Radford

I had the pleasure of meeting Viv on a retreat I went to at The Summer House in Torquay, run by Create Your Paradise. I am a bit of a picky eater and was unsure about the vegetarian menu Viv had come up with. I shouldn't have been. Everything was delicious. You can see that food is Viv's passion and cooking is not a chore. I actually took time to slow down, look, smell and slowly taste each and every element she put on the plate. Viv needs to run cooking classes so I can learn more from her. We all wanted to take her home at the end of the retreat. It was a pleasure meeting her and eating her food.

Louise Walker

From the moment I started chatting with Viv about how we could work together on my Retreat, I knew how perfect it was all going to work out. Viv's total passion for food and wellness, in general, was evident from the beginning. Viv's menu was thoughtful, inspiring, nutritious, and so scrumptious! I cannot wait to work with her again!

Sue Dowling

I engaged Viv as the chef with a brief of preparing nourishing and uplifting plant-based food for business owner mums who were taking part in a retreat to take time out; connect with their emotions and progress their goals.

The food was absolutely incredible while still being healthy and nutritious. Viv's passion for cooking is evident as soon as she starts talking about it, and she has a wealth of knowledge.

She was able to adapt to any changes in the schedule; told us about the food she had prepared prior to us enjoying it; and was professional and warm.

I highly recommend Viv and her amazing food.  The cashew cheese is still a highlight! 

Kylie Broadfoot


Having Viv as a private Chef, to come and cook for my family and I in the comfort of our own home was a very special experience! Viv conducted herself in a very professional manner and cooked a beautiful homemade pasta that was accompanied with delicious bread. Everyone was beyond satisfied. I highly recommend Viv to anyone and everyone!

              Emily Riley