Simple Pleasures Hamper!

You can personalise and make your own giftbox. Giving away artisan organic products is the best way to send your loved ones a big hug. You get to choose from healthy, on the low sweet side products without preservatives but delicious without having the guilt of eating them! That is why we have created this Hamper, because we believe that it is the perfect for someone to enjoy a rainbow of flavours.


Choose 2 items from the list:

Choose one Granola,  and then choose Goji and Choc bark or Almond/Cacao Spread. 


Our products are dairy and egg free, they  contain organic ingredients as follow:

Granolas: Nuts, oats, seeds, cereals, honey or dates and cinnamon. 

GF. Granola: Quinoa, buckwheat, Pecans, cinnamon and cloves.

Peanut butter: Peanuts, Salt

Almond Spread: Almonds, Cacao, coconut, dates.

Almond Bark: Almonds, Goji berries, coconut shreds and 75% dark chocolate.


Simple Pleasures Hamper